Membership Application Process

LoebThe Alpha Esquires Membership Application Process:

Applications to become an Alpha Esquire are accepted year round and can be found and completed by visiting the “Becoming an Alpha Esquire” heading and clicking Alpha Esquires Membership Application.  After submitting the application, under the same heading, the applicant must click Essay Question and answer the prompt with a minimum 500 word response.  Once the application and essay have been submitted, the review process begins.

The application review process occurs yearly between May 1 and  July 30.  Once the applications are reviewed, applicants will be contacted and scheduled to participate in interviews to occur between August 1 – August 31.  Applicants  that are accepted will be invited, along with their families, to participate in the Alpha Esquires orientation, which occurs on the First Saturday of September.  At the orientation, applicants and their families will be provided an overview of the program, a schedule of upcoming events, and the new Alpha Esquires will be given an Alpha Esquire polo and t-shirt. Applicants are required to pay a non refundable $50 application fee at the conclusion of the orientation.  There are no reoccurring monthly fees or dues.


Please Submit All Inquiries to: