The Alpha Esquires Pancake Breakfast Was a HUGE Success!

  • The Alpha Esquires Pancake Breakfast was a HUGE success! The doors to the Los Angeles Alpha House opened at 8 AM and guest continuously flowed through the doors until noon. The Alpha Esquires served 300 plus breakfast! We want to thank everyone who came out to support! 100% of the proceeds go toward Alpha Esquires education enhancement and mentoring activities! We hope to see you all next year!

Alpha Esquires Pancake Breakfast – October 19, 2019

Pancake Breakfast Flyer
  • The Alpha Esquires are hosting their 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Los Angeles Alpha House (3712 W. 54th St.) from 8 A.M. – 12 Noon. A $10.00 minimum donation is requested for each breakfast. 100% of the proceeds go toward funding Alpha Esquires mentoring and education enhancement activities. If you cannot attend the breakfast but would like to contribute, donations are can be made by clicking the donation button on the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you all on October 19th!

Alpha Esquires Technology Day was a Grand Success

On September 24th, the Alpha Esquires (AE) Intro to Technology Day proved to be a grand success.  Technology entrepreneur and AE board member Mrs Tina Fitch, technology guru Tommy Hanks, and Apple software engineer Christopher Ketant, facilitated a workshop the Esquires will not forget. The afternoon began with Mrs Fitch providing information on the absence of African Americans in the technology industry, although their are numerous well paying jobs available. Mr Ketant followed with a story on how he became involved in technology and the numerous road blocks and hurdles he had to overcome to achieve the status he has today. He encouraged the Esquires by telling them they can become whatever they want and to use him as motivation. Lastly, Mr Hanks treated the Esquires to a hands on workshop on code writing. Esquires were allowed to execute a few simple code writing sequences and view how those codes translate into video games they play on a daily basis. The day concluded with 14 Esquires signing up to participate in Mr Hanks’ FREE code writing class. Through Mr Hanks’ non-profit, iFoundry, Esquires will be provided all of the literature and equipment necessary to complete the course…… FREE OF CHARGE!!!! What a day for the Alpha Esquires!





November 5, 2016 – Community Leadership Symposium (Update)

On November 5, 2016, the Alpha Esquires will facilitate a Community Leadership Forum at Crenshaw High School.  The symposium will feature with a panel discussion surrounding relationships with law enforcement. The panel is comprised of Judges, lawyers, District Attorneys, and police officers from various agencies.

The Community Leadership Symposium was a grand success.  In excess of 100 youth and members of the community members participated in an open discussion with:

The Honorable Allen Webster – LA County Superior Court Judge
Michelle Humphrey, Esq – LA County District Attorney’s Office
Nushaun Neal, Esq – Civil Litigation
Sergeant Aleta Iraldo – Los Angeles Airport Police
Sergeant Dominic Iraldo – Whittier Police Department
Sergeant Arthur Thomas – LA County Sheriff’s Department
Sergeant/Detective Taaj Muhammad -LAPD
Police Officer Deon Joseph – LAPD
Detective Dion Ingram – LA County Sheriff’s Department
Pastor Takim Brown – Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church

The Symposium was moderated by actor/activist, Mr Joseph C. Phillips.

The afternoon was dynamic!  The youth were not afraid to ask tough questions, and the panelist were not shy!  This event was driven by truth as opposed to political correctness.  The panelist were adamant about providing the community with information on how to survive encounters with the police and what to do if civil rights violations occur.  The event left the community requesting a follow up symposium!  Stay tuned!  Our work is not done!

esquires jcp


2016/2017 School Year Kickoff

Well it has begun!  The Alpha Esquires celebrated the success of Esquires of the past, welcomed back returning Esquires, and greeted newly enrolled Esquires.  Esquires and parents were reminded what it takes for your child to gain acceptance into the college of their choice, educated on A-G requirements, given information on how to gain acceptance into scholarship societies, and apprised of all the things in store for the Esquires during the 2016-2017 school year!

Kickoff 5 The Kickoff Was Packed!Kickoff 4 Our Mentors Were Engaged!Kickoff 2 Our Parents Were Active!Kickoff 1 The Village Was Alive!Kickoff 3 Interaction Was Non-Stop!

We are excited about things to come!

2016 Alpha Esquires Beautillion

On June 18, 2016, the annual Alpha Esquires Beautillion was held in the Golden Eagle Ballroom at Cal State University, Los Angeles.  The Beautillion is a culminating event that celebrates Esquires graduating from high school and entering college.Esquires Beautillion




This year two Esquires, Andrew Belisle anAndrew Belisled Isaiah Garret  were honored. We are proud of these young men, who have been Esquires since the 7th grade.  Esquire Belisle graduated from Serra High School and will be entering Cal State University, Chico State, pursuing a degree in psychology.  Esquire Garret graduated from Culver City High School and will be entering Morehouse College, also Isaiah Garretpursuing a degree in psychology.  These Esquires performed a waltz for their guests as we presented them to the world as young men of distinction and young men destined for success.

Waltz 1Waltz 2

Our Junior Esquires, grades 3-11, ushered their guest from the parking lot, to the venue, and to their seats, displaying the gentlemanly characteristics and etiquette they have been exposed to while participating in Alpha Esquires.  Prior to the walEsquires Step 2tz, they performed a step routine that put to the forefront the dedication, team work, and commitment to complete tasks that is instilled in them from day one.


We want to extend our gratitude to actor/comedian Kente Scott Kente Scottfor serving as keynote speaker at the Beautillion.  He delivered a message that was laced with comedy and words of inspiration that were enjoyed by all.


Our work is not complete.  We do not rest.  We are on to the next class as we continue “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, One Esquire at a Time”.

College Access Now or Never

IMG_2731What a great workshop today!  Dr Taquan Stewart gave an excellent presentation on A-G requirements and the benefits and downfalls of taking AP/Honors classes.  A-G requirements are classes high school students need to graduate, and classes they need in order to gain acceptance into the colleges of their choice.  The workshop provided information on important deadlines that every student needs to know in regards to ACT/PSAT test dates and FAFSA deadlines.